Sea Wall Fan comments

Just a few of the amazing comments from Sea Wall and Andrew Scott fans

“There are so many things I could say about sea wall. But somehow, I don’t really feel the need to say any of them… except for.. well… everything. Everything- just everything, is sheer, meaningful perfection. Thank-you. Thank-you so bloody much…”

“We just watched Seawall and I am honestly stunned. The presentation is simple but elegant. The writing is beautiful and natural, perfectly matched to the soft, forcefully loving voice telling the story as his own.”

“it was just very moving, the whole way it was portrayed. It was just so beautiful. The way he’s talking, Alex’ voice, the story he’s telling, the way he moves, his face… Everything was just perfect.”

“i’m just so surprised and horrified and empty and sad. and just such good believable acting and jesus. like i need to go find this human being now and make sure he’s okay.”

“A half hour long movie brutally shoved many favourite movies aside and settled comfortably in the hole it created in my stomach. Sea Wall was more real to me than so many conversations with actual people have been”

“I’m just in awe a bit. I hate, at times like this that the term ‘awesome’ has been ruined for its more original meaning and been applied to hotdogs and shoes and hand bags. Awesome is the near perfect word for this film.”

“It is an incredible piece of cinema, and I am, quite possibly, in love with it.

“The writing is impeccable, and the acting is beyond words. Andrew Scott is fantastically talented, and he makes these words, this story, come to life.”

“I just watched Sea Wall, after purchasing it a few days ago. I purchased it as a message: to show support for independent film-making and digital distribution…The only thing I will say is this: Buy this film. Watch this film. Talk about this film. There is something at the heart of this that is so moving, so human, so necessary to discuss, to shake out, to recognize.”

“I was more touched, more moved by those thirty three minutes of uninterrupted speech by one man than I have been by any film I’ve seen. He portrays the most human man I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as if he’s not a character. It seems that Andrew Scott really IS Alex. His emotions. His body language. His voice. All of it. This whatever-it-was was the most beautiful piece of art I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing”

“It’s happy, sad, angsty, mad and the thousand other things life represents. Ultimately it’s not just about Alex, it’s about you. It’s about the possibilities and opportunities. It’s about hope….Everyone needs to watch this…at one point in your life you’ll remember that short film from 2012 and you’ll realize its true meaning”

“God, it was just so…Human. So human…it made me think differently. It made me think of things I hadn’t before. The film will haunt me, and that does not bother me at all.”

“If you watch just one single thing in your entire life, watch Sea Wall.”