Andrew Scott, or Moriarty in BBC 1’s Sherlock, is Alex in Sea Wall.
Olivier and Tony award winning playwright Simon Stephens wrote the script as a stage play specifically for Andrew. The devastating and beautiful film version now has admirers and loyal followers in 40 countries.
Since the film was made Simon’s acclaimed adaptation of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time has become a worldwide smash hit and Andrew’s Hamlet has had an incredible response from critics and audiences. Two artists at the very top of their game make watching Sea Wall a unique and moving experience.

  Rating 8.3.  60% of IMDB users gave Sea Wall 10/10.

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Sea Wall Andrew Scott Moriarty Sherlock - Guardian Review
The New York Times

“it is devastatingly intimate. He (Scott) nestles right into your soul as Stephens’s Alex, a gentle besotted father who until recently has led a cherished, ordinary life."

Laura Collins-Hughes
New York Times

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