Filming Sea Wall Q and A with Andrew Scott and Simon Stephens

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“She says that’s one of the things she likes about me. I like people. People like me. They think I’m gentle. I had absolutely no idea that people thought I was gentle.”

Filming Sea Wall Q and A with Andrew Scott and Simon Stephens

At the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, April 24, 2012

Simon Stephens is an Associate Director of the Lyric and it’s where his visceral, exciting play “Punk Rock” made its debut. It’s also where Three Kingdoms, Simon’s thriller set across three countries and with a cast from the UK, Germany and Estonia is playing from May 3 to May 19.

The Lyric kindly allowed us to film on the stage in the main auditorium. I can think of no better location to shoot one of Britain’s leading playwrights in conversation with one of our finest actors. On the morning of the shoot Andrew learned he had been nominated for a BAFTA for his role as Moriarty in the BBC’s Sherlock. There was a celebratory feel to the morning with lots of laughs, banter and more than a little truly insightful conversation to thrill all Sea Wall fans. Simon and Andrew basically interviewed each other, with 2 cameras covering the chat (one more than we had for sea Wall). They answered many of the questions submitted by Sea Wallers and the 2 hours or so spent filming felt more like 20 minutes. Wonderful material, coming to this web site very soon.