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“She had us, both of us, absolutely round her finger. Fundamentally she achieved this through the way she looked at us. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that the way she moved her head to one side should leave me basically on my knees or more akin I should say to a slightly tepid pool of, just, water but what was more surprising was the effect it had on him.”

Simon Stephens’ Sea Wall premiered as a stage play at the Bush Theatre in London in 2008 to universal acclaim. It transferred with equal success to the Edinburgh Festival in 2009 where it sold out, and has now been made into a film as radical as it is humane.

The play was written for acclaimed stage and film actor Andrew Scott, most recently seen playing Moriarty opposite Benedict Cumberbatch’s Holmes in Sherlock on BBC1, and star of Ibsen’s “Emperor and Galilean “ at the National Theatre.

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